List of Commonly Used Terms and Acronyms 

Acronym / Term (URL) Type Expansion Dutch expansion
@PhilosTEI CLARIN-NL subproject TICCLing Philosophy: a TEI corpus-building workflow towards a new computational methodology for philosophy  
AAI software Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure   
AAM-LR CLARIN-NL subproject Automatic Annotation of Multi-modal Language Resources  
ACLC organisation Amsterdam Center for Language and Communication  
Adelheid CLARIN-NL subproject A Distributed Lemmatizer for Historical Dutch  
ADEPT CLARIN-NL subproject Assaying Differences via Edit-Distance of Pronunciation Transcriptions  
AGORA project    
Alfalab project    
Anéla organisation Dutch Association for Applied Linguistics  
ANNEX software Annotation Explorer  
ANP company National Netherlands News Agency Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau
ANP radio bulletin collection data ANP radio bulletin collection  
ANWB organisation Dutch automobile association Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijdersbond
API term    
ARBIL software    
Arthurian Fiction CLARIN-NL subproject Arthurian Fiction in Medieval Europe  
Asymenc project Asymmetrical Encounters: Digital Humanities Approaches to Reference Cultures in Europe, 1815–1992; HERA Project  
AV term Audio-Visual  
AVAtech project Advancing Video Audio Technology in Humanities Research  
AXES project Acces to AudioVisual Archives  
BG organisation Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid
BIGGrid project Dutch eScience Grid  
BILAND CLARIN-NL subproject Towards a flexible and stable CLARIN-supported web-application for bilingual historical analysis of discourses in news media  
BioPort data Biographic Portal Biografisch Portaal
Birth of TV project Birth Television Archive  
BlackLab software    
BLARK term Basic Language Resource Kit  
BRIDGE project Building Rich Links to Enable Television History Research  
BSON software Binary JSON  
CATCH project NWO Programme Continuous Access To Cultural Heritage  
CATCHPlus project    
CDH organisation Centre for Digital Humanities  
C-DSD CLARIN-NL subproject Curating the Dutch Song Database  
CELEX data Dutch Centre for Lexical Information  
Center for Language Studies organisation Centre for Language Studies  
CEPR organisation Center for Economic policy Research  
CESSDA infrastructure Council of European Social Science Data Archives  
CGN data Spoken Dutch Corpus Corpus Gesproken Nederlands
CHAT organisation Centre for Humanities and Technology  
CHILDES infrastructure Child Language Data Exchange System  
CHIP project Project in the CATCH programme  
CHOICE project Project in the CATCH programme  
CineXPRES project    
CIO term Chief Integration Officer  
CKCC project Circulation of Knowledge and Learned Practices in the 17th-century Dutch Republic, Geleerdenbrievenproject
CLAM software Computational Linguistics Application Mediator  
CLAPOP CLARIN-NL subproject CLARIN-NL Portal Project  
CLARA project Common Language Resources and their Applications  
CLARIAH infrastructure Common Lab Infrastructure for the Humanities  
CLARIAH-SEED infrastructure project CLARIAH Seed Capital project  
CLARIAH-SEED infrastructure project CLARIAH Seed Capital project  
CLARIN infrastructure The CLARIN infrastructure  
CLARIN-EU infrastructure project The European CLARIN enterprise  
CLARIN-NL infrastructure project The Netherlands national project for CLARIN  
CLARIN-PP infrastructure project The European CLARIN preparatory phase project  
CLARIN-prep infrastructure project The European CLARIN preparatory phase project  
CLAVAS CLARIN-NL subproject CLARIN Vocabulary Service  
CLAVAS software CLARIN Vocabulary Service  
CLCG organisation Center for Language and Cognition Groningen  
CLICKNL organisation Creativity, Learning, Innovation, Co-creation, Knowledge  
CLIF organisation Computational Linguistics in Flanders  
CLIN conference Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (local conference)  
Clio Infra infrastructure    
CLIO-DAP project    
CLS organisation Centre for Language Studies  
CLST organisation Centre for Language and Speech Technology  
CLUE organisation Research institute for the heritage and history of the Cultural Landscape and Urban Environment  
CMDI software Component MetaData Infrastructure  
COAVA CLARIN-NL subproject Cognition, Acquisition and Variation Tool  
COBWWWEB CLARIN-NL subproject Connections Between Women and Writings Within European Borders  
COGIS organisation Dutch expert centre on the (psycho)social effects of war, persecution, aggression and violence Kennisinstituut sociale en psychische gevolgen van oorlog, vervolging en geweld
ColTime CLARIN-NL subproject Collaboration on time-based resources  
Comerda software    
COMMIT project    
COREX software Corpus Exploitation Tool  
Cornetto data    
CORNETTO-LMF-RDF CLARIN-NL subproject Curated Cornetto database in LMF and RDF  
CPG organisation Centre for Parliamentary History Centrum voor Parlementaire Geschiedenis
CTO term Chief Technical Officer  
Culturele Dynamiek grant programme NWO grant programme: Cultural Dynamics  
D3 software Data Driven Documents  
DAM-LR project Distributed Access Management for Language Resources   
DANS organisation Data Archiving and Networking Services  
DARIAH infrastructure Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities  
DARIAH-EU infrastructure project The European DARIAH enterprise  
DARIAH-NL infrastructure project DARIAH in the Netherlands  
DARIAH-PP infrastructure project the DARIAH Preparatory Phase Project  
DASISH infrastructure project Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Sciences and the Humanities  
DBD data Dutch Bilingual Database  
DBNL organisation Digital Library for Dutch Literature  
D-COI data    
DCR data Data Category Registry  
DCS CLARIN-NL subproject Data Curation Service  
DDS software Data Deposition Service  
DEN organisation Digital Heritage Netherlands Kenniscentrum Digitaal Erfgoed
DH term Digital Humanities  
DiDDD data Diversity in Dutch DP Design  
DiscAn CLARIN-NL subproject Towards a Discourse Annotation system for Dutch language corpora  
DLU organisation  Dutch Language Union   
D-LUCEA CLARIN-NL subproject Database of the Longitudinal Utrecht Collection of English Accents  
DOBES project Documentation of Endangered Languages  
DSD data Dutch Song Database Liederenbank
DSS CLARIN-NL subproject Dutch Ships and Seamen  
DUELME data Dutch Electronic Lexicon of Multiword Expressions  
DUELME-LMF CLARIN-NL subproject Converting DUELME into LMF format  
Dynamics of Memory grant programme NWO grant programme: Dynamics of Memory  
DynaSAND software Dynamic Syntactic Atlas of the Dutch Dialects Dynamische Syntactische Atlas van de Nederlandse Dialecten
EAGLES project Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards  
EB term Executive Board  
e-BNM data Bibliotheca Neerlandica Manuscripta database  
eBNM+ CLARIN-NL subproject Linked Data on Middle Dutch Sources Kept Worldwide  
EC organisation European Commission  
EDBO data Early Dutch Books Online  
EDBO data Early Dutch Books Online  
eHg organisation  eHumanities Group   
EHPS-Net network European Historical Population Samples Network  
EHRI infrastructure project European Holocaust Research Infrastructure  
eHumanities Group organisation KNAW eHumanities Group  
EIP instrument European Innovation Partnerships  
ELAN software EUDICO Linguistic Annotator (Annotation Tool)  
ElasticSearch software open source, distributed real-time search and analytics engine for the cloud  
EMIT-X CLARIN-NL subproject Early-Modern Image and Text eXchange  
EPIC consortium European Persistent Identifier Comsortium  
ePistolarium software    
ERC organisation European Research Council  
ERIC organisation European Research Infrastructure Consortium  
ESF EURYI grant programme European Science Foundation European Young Investigator Awards  
ESFRI organisation European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures  
EU organisation European Union  
EUDAT project European Data Infrastructure  
EUR organisation Erasmus University Rotterdam   
European Film Gateway organisation    
Europeana data    
EURYI grant programme European Science Foundation European Young Investigator Awards  
EUScreen project    
EXILSEA CLARIN-NL subproject Exploiting ISOcat's Language Sections in ELAN and ANNEX  
eXist software Native XML database  
EYE organisation EYE Fim Museum Amsterdam  
FA organisation  Fryske Akademy   
FESLI CLARIN-NL subproject Functional Elements in Specific Language Impairment  
FIDLR project Framework for the Interoperability of Dutch Language Resources   
FIDLR-Start project Project to prepare the FIDLR project proposal  
FlareNet project Fostering Language Resources Network, European Network project.  
FlockDB software Distibuted Fault-Tolerant Graph Database  
FP7 programme Framework Programme 7 (European Union)  
Frontwise company    
FTE term Full-Time Equivalent  
GIA organisation Groningen Institute of Archaeology   
GIS term Geographic Information System  
Global labour project Global Collaboratory on the History of Labour Relations 1500-2000  
Gridline company    
GrNe CLARIN-NL subproject Greek-Dutch dictionary Grieks-Nederlands woordenboek 
GTB software Integrated Language Database Geintegreerde Taalbank
GTRP project Goeman, Taeldeman, van Reenen Project  
HERA organisation Humanities in the European Research Area  
HI organisation Huygens ING Institute   
HI-POD project Historical Patterns of Development  
HLT term Human Language Technologies  
HLZ project HSN LINKS Zeeland  
HSN infastructure Historical Sample of the Netherlands  
HSS term Humanities and Social Sciences  
Huygens ING organisation Huygens ING Institute   
HvA organisation Hogeschool van Amsterdam  
IAP term International Advisory Panel  
IARPA SESAME Project project Video SEarch with Speed and Accuracy for Multimedia Events  
IBM company International Business Machines  
IBM NL company IBM Netherlands  
ICON UU organisation Institute for Cultural Inquiry Utrecht University  
ICORDI project    
ICPSR organisation Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research  
ICT term Information and Communication Technology  
ICT Roadmap for the Top Sectors roadmap    
ID term Identifier  
IIAV organisation International Information Centre and Archive for the Women's Movement Internationaal Informatiecentrum en Archief voor de Vrouwenbeweging
IIP CLARIN-NL subproject Infrastructure Implementation Project  
IISG organisation International Institute for Social History Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis
IISH organisation International Institute for Social History Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis
Images for the Future project   Beelden voor de Toekomst
IMDI software ISLE MetaData Initiative  
IMIX project NWO programme for Interactive Multimodal Information eXtraction  
iMmovator network Cross media Network  
INL organisation Institute for Dutch Lexicology Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie
INPOLDER CLARIN-NL subproject Integrated Parser and Lemmatizer Dutch in Retrospect  
Institute for Historical Literature and Cultural Studies organisation    
INTERA project Integrated European language data Repository Area  
Interop project NSF Community-Based Data Interoperability Networks Programme  
INTER-VIEWs CLARIN-NL subproject Curation of Interview Data  
IOP programme Innovation-targeted Research Programmes Innovatiegerichte Onderzoeksprogramma's
IPNV data Interview Project Nederlandse Veteranen Interview Project Dutch Veterans
IPR term Intellectual Property Rights  
IPROSLA CLARIN-NL subproject Integrating and publishing resources on sign language acquisition  
ISLA organisation Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam  
ISLE project International Standards for Language Engineering  
ISO organisation International Standards Organisation  
ISO TC37/SC4 standard ISO Subcommittee focusing on Language Resource Management  
ISOcat data Project to implement the ISO DCR standard  
ISOCAT software ISO Data Category Registry  
JSON software JavaScript Object Notation  
KB organisation National Library of the Netherlands  
KB Newspaper Archive data National Library Newspaper Archive  
KDC organisation Catholic Documentation Centre Katholiek Documentatie Centrum
KITLV organisation Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde
KNAW organisation Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences  
KNAW Over Grenzen KNAW grant programme KNAW Crossing Boundaries KNAW Over Grenzen
Knowledge Concepts company    
LAISEANG CLARIN-NL subproject Language Archive of Insular South East Asia and West New Guinea   
LDE CGHD organisation Leiden Delft Erasmus Center for Global Heritage and Development  
LESLLA data Low Educated Second Language and Literacy Acquisition  
Leverhulme Trust grant programme    
LINKS project    
LinkTV project    
LIRICS project Linguistic Infrastructure for Interoperable Resources and Systems   
LMF standard Lexical Markup Framework  
LMF standard Lexical Markup Framework  
Lorentz organisation Lorentz Center  
LOT organisation Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics Landelijke Onderzoeksschool Taalkunde
LREC conference Language Resources and Evaluation Conference  
LRT term Language Resources and Technologies  
LT term Language Technology  
LUCAS organisation Leiden University Center for the Arts in Society   
LUCL organisation Leiden University Centre for Linguistics  
Maddison Project project    
MAND data Morphological Atlas of the Dutch Dialects  
MD CLARIN-NL subproject Metadata Project  
MD4T CLARIN-NL subproject Metadata for Tools Project  
Meertens organisation Meertens Institute   
Meertens Institute organisation Meertens Institute   
Merdes software Media Researchers Data Exploration Suite  
META-NET project    
META-SHARE sharing facility    
METS standard Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard  
MI organisation Meertens Institute   
MIGMAP CLARIN-NL subproject Interactive migration maps for the 20th century  
MIMORE CLARIN-NL subproject Microcomparative Morphosyntax Research Tool  
Mindisc CLARIN-NL subproject Minimal Set for Discourse Annotation  
MPG organisation Max-Planck-Gesellschaft  
MPI organisation Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics  
MT term Management Team  
MU organisation Maastricht University   
Multicon CLARIN-NL subproject Multilayer Concordance Functions in ELAN and ANNEX  
MuSeUM project Project in the CATCH programme  
NA organisation National Archive Nationaal Archief
Namescape CLARIN-NL subproject Mapping the Landscape of Names in Modern Dutch Literature  
NAP committee National Advisory Panel  
Nederlab project    
NeDiMAH network Network for Digital Methods in the Arts and Humanities  
NEHOL CLARIN-NL subproject Negerhollands Database  
NGT data Dutch Sign Language Corpus Corpus van de Nederlandse Gebarentaal
NIAS organisation Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences  
NIBG organisation Netherland Institute for Sound and Vision Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid
NIOD organisation Netherlands Institute for War Documentation Nederlands Instituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie
NISV organisation Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid
NL country the Netherlands  
NLeSc organisation Netherlands eScience Centre  
NLP term Natural Language Processing  
Notas organisation Dutch Organisation for Language and Speech Technology Nederlandse Organisatie voor Taal- en Spraaktechnologie
Noterik company Noterik BV  
NSF organisation National Science Foundation  
NWO organisation Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research  
NWO Creative Industry grant programme NWO grant programme: Creative Industry  
NWO Open Competition grant programme NWO grant programme: Open Competition NWO Open Competitie
NWO-Groot grant programme NWO Infrastructure Investment Fund  
OAI organisation Open Archives Initiative  
OAI/PMH standard Protocol for Metadata Harvesting  
OAuth2 software Oauth 2.0  
OCR term Optical Character Recognition  
OCRopus software OCRopus  
OHT project Oral History Today  
OLAC standard Open Languages Archive Community  
OpenSONAR project    
OpenSONAR CLARIN-NL subproject Online Personal Exploration and Navigation of SoNaR  
OWL standard OWL Web Ontology Language  
PC  organisation Programme Committee  
PCM company large publisher in the Netherlands (Perscombinatie Meulenhoff & Co)  
Picturae company    
PID term Persistent Identifier  
PILNAR CLARIN-NL subproject Pilgrimage Narratives: creating a germ corpus for studying the profile of the modern pilgrim  
Pionier Grant grant programme specific type of grant awarded by NWO in the past  
PMH standard Protocol for Metadata Harvesting  
Polimedia CLARIN-NL subproject Interlinking multimedia for the analysis of media coverage of political debates  
POS term Part of Speech  
Posthumus Institute organisation National Graduate School the Posthumus Institute Landelijke Onderzoeksschool het Posthumus Instituut
PR term Public Relations  
QuaMerdes CLARIN-NL subproject Quantitative Content Analysis of Media Researchers' Data  
R&D term Research and Development  
RCE organisation Cultural Heritage Agency   
RDA project Research Data Alliance  
RDF standard Resource Description Framework  
RDF/SKOS standard RDF / Simple Knowledge Organisation System  
Readspeaker company    
Redis software Open Source Key-Value Store  
RELcat software Relation Registry  
RemBench CLARIN-NL subproject A Digital Workbench for Rembrandt Research  
REST standard Representational State Transfer  
RKD organisation Netherlands Institute for Art History   
RMES organisation Research School for Media Studies  
RU organisation Radboud University Nijmegen  
RUG organisation Groningen University  Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
RUN organisation Radboud University Nijmegen  
S&D CLARIN-NL subproject Search & Develop  
SAMPA standard Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet  
SAND data Syntactic Atlas of the Dutch Dialects Syntactische Atlas van de Nederlandse Dialecten
SARA organisation Foundation Academic Computing Centre Amsterdam  
SCHEMAcat software Schema Registry  
SEALINCMedia project Socially-enriched access to linked cultural media  
Seecr company Software Craftmanship  
SHEBANQ CLARIN-NL subproject System for HEBrew Text: ANnotation for Queries and Markup  
SignLinC CLARIN-NL subproject Linking lexical databases and annotated corpora of signed languages  
SKOS standard Simple Knowledge Organization System  
SLI term Specific Language Impairment  
SME term Small and Medium Enterprises  
SO term Support Office  
SOA standard Service Oriented Architecture   
SONAR data    
SPARQL software Query Language for RDF  
SPEX organisation Speech Processing Expertise Centre (RU, Nijmegen)  
SPIN grant programme NWO Programme in the 90s  
SPINlab organisation Spatial Information laboratory VU  
Spinoza Grant grant specific type of grant awarded by NWO  
Spinque company    
SQL standard Structured Query Language  
STEVIN project Dutch-Flemish programme for realizing the BLARK and HLT research for Dutch  
STITCH project Project in the CATCH programme  
SURF organisation SURF  
SURFnet organisation University Network Services Organisation  
SURFsara organisation    
SWOT term Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Analysis  
Target Holding company    
TB term Technical Board  
TBDL organisation Tilburg Big Data Lab Tilburg Big Data Lab
TCULT project Languages and Cultures in the Utrecht districts Lombok and Transvaal Talen en Culturen in het Utrechts Lombok en Transvaal
TDS software Typological Database System  
TDS Curator CLARIN-NL subproject A web-services architecture to curate the Typological Database System  
Teezir company    
TEI standard Text Encoding Initiative  
Telecats company    
TERENA project Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association  
Thaesis  company    
TiCC organisation Tilburg Centre for Cognition and Communication  
TICCLops CLARIN-NL subproject Text-Induced Corpus Clean-up online processing system  
Tilburg University School of Humanities organisation    
TLA organisation The Language Archive  
TQE CLARIN-NL subproject Transcription Quality Evaluation  
TransAtlantis project NWO Horizon Programme  about the influence of the US on public debates in the Netherlands  
TROVA software    
TROVe software TransMedia Observatory  
TTNWW CLARIN-NL subproject LRT Tools for Dutch as web services in Work flows TST Tools voor het Nederlands als Web servixes in Work flows
TU organisation  Twente University CTIT   
Tweede Kamer BIP organisation Dutch Parliament Office for Automation and Projects Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal Bureau voor Informatisering en  Projecten
Tweede Kamer DIV organisation Dutch Parliament Information Service Tweede Kamer der Staten Generaal Dienst InformatieVoorziening
UBU organisation  Utrecht University Library   
UC Davis organisation University California Davis  
UIL-OTS organisation Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS  
UK country United Kingdom  
UM organisation University of Maastricht  
URL term Universal Resource Locator  
USA country United States of America  
UT organisation University of Twente  
UU organisation  Utrecht University   
UvA organisation University of Amsterdam  
VALID CLARIN-NL subproject Vulnerability in Acquisition: Language Impairments in Dutch. Curating five valuable data sets  
Vancis company    
VCC organisation Virtual Competency Centre  
VerteldVerleden project Open Platform for Oral History  
VICI grant programme specific type of grant awarded by NWO  
Video Active project    
VIDI grant programme specific type of grant awarded by NWO  
VK CLARIN-NL subproject Enriched Kingdom Verrijkt Koninkrijk
VKS organisation Virtual Knowledge Studio  
VL region Flanders Vlaanderen
VLO software Virtual Language Observatory  
VRE software Virtual Research Environment  
VSNU organisation Association of Collaborating Dutch Universities Vereniging van Universiteiten
VU organisation VU University of Amsterdam  
VU-DNC CLARIN-NL subproject VU Diachronic Newspaper Corpus  
VVV organisation Touristic Office  
WAHSP CLARIN-NL subproject Web-application for historical sentiment mining in public media  
WAYF standard Where Are You From  
WBD data Brabant Dialects Dictionary Woordenboek van de Brabantse Dialecten
WBS term administrative code for Utrecht University  
WFT data Dictionary of the Frisian Language Wurdboek fan 'e Fryske Taal
WFT-GTB CLARIN-NL subproject Integrating the Wurdboek fan 'e Fryske Taal into the Geïntegreerde Taalbank  
WIP CLARIN-NL subproject War in Parliament  
WIVU database data Hebrew Bible Database constructed by the Werkgroep Informatica  (WI) of the Free University (VU)  
WLD data Limburg Dialects Dictionary Woordenboek van de Limburgse Dialecten
WMTC organisation  Netherlands Research School of Science,Technology and Modern Culture   
WP term Work Package  
WTMC organisation Netherlands Graduate Research School of Science, Technolog yand Modern Culture  
Xpath standard XML Path Language  
Xquery standard W3C XML Query  
xTAS software Text Analysis in a Timely Manner