Travel Costs Reimbursement

CLARIN-NL wants to stimulate all researchers who are an employee of a CLARIN-NL partner to participate and actively contribute to CLARIN-related events, both at the national and at the international level. Active participation of researchers from the Netherlands in CLARIN is essential for ensuring that the interests of the  Dutch research community are well-served by CLARIN.

For this reason CLARIN-NL makes it possible for employees of CLARIN-NL partners to apply for reimbursement of costs for travel, overnights stays, subsistence and event-related costs for evenst that are relevant to CLARIN.

The criteria that have to be met and the conditions that apply can be found in this document (for the moment, in Dutch only).

Please use this webform for your appliciation.

If your appliciation is rewarded, please use one of the declaration forms below to declare your actual costs (there is a form for people with a Dutch bank account and one for all others). Note that these are new forms! Instructions for the forms can be found below. Please read them before filling out the form. Please fill out the form digitally, print and sign it and send it to the CLARIN-NL Office together with the original receipts (CLARIN-NL Bureau, Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht).