CLARIN-NL in a nutshell

The CLARIN-NL project is a large national project in the Netherlands (2009-2015) which aims to make a significant contribution to the European CLARIN infrastructure.
The CLARIN infrastructure is a research infrastructure intended for humanities researchers that work with language data and tools. The researcher will be able to find data and tools relevant for his/her research via the CLARIN infrastructure and get access to them. We also aim to make it possible to apply tools to data in such a way that no technical background is needed or ad-hoc adaptations to the tools or the data are necessary.

The researcher’s research project may result in new data and tools, which he/she can make available to other researchers via the CLARIN infrastructure. The CLARIN research infrastructure will thus make humanities research related to language easier, faster, better, and in some cases even possible for the first time.

Latest News

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  1. DHBenelux 2014

    Huygens ING & KB, Netherlands
    12 June 2014
  2. Third Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature

    27 April 2014
  3. CMDI Tutorial

    Unviersiteit Utrecht, Netherlands
    4 March 2014
  4. THATCamp DH2014

    Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Netherlands
    14 January 2014
  5. CLARIN Conference 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic

    Czech Republic
    21 October 2013
  6. ISOcat Workshop

    University Utrecht, Netherlands
    2 October 2013
  7. September 11th: CLARIAH Demonstrator Event

    CLARIAH, Netherlands
    11 September 2013
  8. International Advisory Panel Demonstration Event

    CLARIN-NL, Netherlands
    4 September 2013